Zemaitis Double Scorpion Metal Front + George Harrison Metal Front

Price Available By Request

We have been working on some George Harrison memorabilia today and it reminded us of the image that we have with Tony Zemaitis holding two celebrated Metal Front guitars.

1) The Double Scorpion Metal Front built for Keith Smart

I bought this guitar from Keith in 2006, it sold to a fastidious Zemaitis collector & it remains in that collection today, interesting to note the Owl in the engraving on the bass side shoulder, this Owl has a significant reference to the guitar, there is another version of a similar engraving out there but unfortunately the Owl has taken on the appearance of an overstuffed budgie!

2) A stunning Metal Front built for George Harrison

Finished at the same time as the double Scorpion, interesting to note the narrower waist on George’s guitar along with the four octave fingerboard, Tony looks as pleased as punch.