1985 Zemaitis 5 String Acoustic Pearl Heart Hole


The holy grail of the Zemaitis Acoustic Guitar world, everything about this guitar just proves why Tony Zemaitis enjoyed his success & reputation. It would be safe to say that no other builder on the planet could achieve individuality at this level, Tony was certainly a frontier blazer.

Built in 1985 for the first & only, Kurt Scheidegger, the label is signed by Tony & states “Kurt Scheidegger Custom”. Kurt is a good friend of mine, he has been an important & fastidious Zemaitis collector & a close personal friend of Tony Z. He certainly helped design some incredible Zemaitis guitars & had the wherewithal to convince Tony to build them onto the guitar.

This Zemaitis guitar is a 1985 Custom 5 string acoustic, the only one of its kind in the world! While any Zemaitis guitar with a heart shaped sound hole is ultra desirable, this guitar has a pearl edged, heart shaped soundhole. The soundhole is surrounded by pearl dot inlays and the entire guitar outline also features the dot inlays. The fingerboard is Ebony & like Ivan The Terrible (Eric Claptons Zemaitis Heart hole 12 string) the position markers are also heart shaped to mirror the soundhole. The guitar body is Rosewood with Mahogany top and the body is inlaid on both the front & bottom edges. Mahogany neck the headstock has 5 tuners, two on the bass side & three on the treble. The Fleur-De-Lys Zemaitis logo is engraved by Danny O’Brien, Original compensated nut, engraved truss rod cover with ‘Anita” engrave by DOB.

The guitar is in near perfect condition, with just a small amount of playwear earned over the last 26 yrs. The guitar has been used professionally for live shows & is featured on a good number of CD’s that were commercially released. We have images of Albert Lee playing the guitar while seated at Kurt’s dinner table it sounds simply awesome… it plays perfectly, is a stunning unique creation and the art of Tony Zemaitis indeed!