1972 Zemaitis Metal Front “Martin Quittenton”


1972 Zemaitis Metal Front “Martin Quittenton” Metal Front Number 4 – Martin was Rod Stewart’s songwriting partner & he co wrote “Maggie Mae” with Rod. This metal front was made for him by Tony in 1972. As far as Z metal fronts go this is as rare as it gets, the first three examples were snapped up by Tony McPhee, Mark Bolan & Ronnie Wood. If you’re looking for an early example this is it, this is the oldest Zemaitis metal front in the free world that is available for sale.

It is in superb condition, it still has the compensated nut that Tony hand carved at Martins request, original¬†and extremely early engraving by Danny O’Brien. Don’t overlook the fact that at the time of construction of this guitar Tony & Danny’s relationship & business partnership was only just beginning, this guitar represents the birth of the Zemaitis metal front guitar. Complete with hand made bridge¬†and tailpiece, Dural pickup surrounds, Z diamond logo & engraved truss rod cover, incredible example.