1971 Tony Zemaitis Pickup & Power-Boost Circuit Test Guitar

An incredible piece of Tony Zemaitis history,

This instrument was Tony’s test guitar for many years, approximately from 1971 through to 1983.

It was used to test the suitability of various double and single coil pickups in different pairings and when combined with Tony’s power booster circuit and sound enhancer circuit.

When you see pictures of Ron Wood (and many others) playing their metal fronts with power boosters, this is the test bed where it all came together. This guitar was hanging in Tony’s workshop for 12 years. It will have been played & pickups & circuits tested by most of the Rock n Roll Royalty over those years.

Tony was visited by a local Zemaitis owner/collector during 1983 and happened to mention the guitar that was still hanging on the wall of Tony’s shed, Tony said “it’s for sale”. The deal was done. Tony made some adjustments to the guitar (see the handwritten letter), he hand engraved his signature and year onto the dural truss rod cover and there we have it.