Germino Classic 45 Amplifier + Germino 2X12 Cabinet Open or Closed Back

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A finely tuned replica of the JTM-45™ using a custom wound version of the Radio Spares output transformer which has 6.6K, 8K, 9K and ultra-linear taps on the primary.

All 2014 models are built using the 6.6K tap and a 440-450vdc power transformer. The 6.6K primary impedance works well with KT-66 and 6L6GC/5881 tube types. The R/S output transformer is wound to 30 watt capacity. The Classic 45™ when pushed will produce around 40 to 45 watts.

The Classic 45™ uses a Bass circuit as all early JTM era amplifiers. Early plexi tone control values are used consisting of a 56K slope resistor and 250pf capacitor. Filtering is low and combined with the high primary impedance of the R/S output transformer give the amp a softer feel compared to the later EL-34 JTM-50 and JMP-50 Bass models. Power transformer is selectable for 120v, 220v, 230v and 240 operation. This power tranny features connections with solder tabs as the originals for period correct looks. Output is selectable for 4/8/16 ohm operation.

Each amp I personally hand build using the finest parts and materials. Spot welded aluminum chassis, mil spec potentiometers, heavy duty switches, NOS tube sockets, Cliff jacks, F&T electrolytic capacitors. Film/foil vintage mustard style capacitors and carbon film/carbon comp resistor assortment hand wired on turret board complete the interior layout. Original diameter copper stranded wire is used for all wiring. Each amp is laid out and assembled as an original JTM-45 would be.

The Classic 45™ faithfully replicates the tone of an original JTM-45, only better! This amp is a delight to play being as at home doing “Beano” era Clapton as it is replicating AC/DC to early ZZ Top. The Classic 45™ goes from an amazing clean tone to the best crunchy overdriven sounds imaginable. Excellent bottom end, incredible frequency response and exceptional 3D balance are all there to enjoy
Germino Speaker Cabinets

All cabinets are made from 5/8″ Baltic Birch ply with finger jointed corners for strength. Baffles and back panels are made of Baltic Birch as well. Stainless steel hardware is used throughout in assembly. Grille cloth is original style basketweave that is salt and pepper in color. This is obtained from the original supplier in the UK that Marshall used in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

-2 x 12 Cabinet
-All cabinets stock with Reissue Greenbacks G12M
-Includes two spare panels for open back operation