Dumble Overdrive Reverb OD-100WR & 4X12 EV Cabinet Owned By Jackson Browne

Price: $225,000


Well it’s DDD day at Maverick, Double Dumble Delight:

1. Dumble OD-100WR Overdrive Reverb
2. Dumbleland Overdrive Special

This overdrive reverb is an incredibly rare Dumble creation, built for Jackson Browne. It is still protected by the original Anvil road cases with JB stencils and a few vintage metallic blue JB stickers.

A total work of art by Dumble, it is fair to say that it sounds truly superb. For most of the guys who have experienced ownership or just the chance to hang with one of these for a while it is viewed as the Holy Grail of Dumble amplifiers.

Rear panel has the Ratio control and a power switch 100w/40w and a spare fuse sitting right where it needs to be. Front panel has three mini rocker switches Bright-Deep-Rock, then the usual Treble-Mid -Bass and
Reverb send and return rotary controls. The amplifier is in near perfect condition having been professionally owned and maintained for all of its life.

The cabinet has the harder to find EV 12S speakers and Vox grill cloth. (Please note the small tear in the grill over the top left hand speaker).

The rarest Dumble amps are now well north of 100k, our experience over the last quarter has been quite staggering.


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  1. Tom Lanik says:

    Hmmm. Love to see AND hear this one…