Dumble Overdrive 150 Special #121 Ex Todd Sharp

This very rare Dumble amplifier is featured in the Dumble book by Jesse Schwarz on page 237 and 238. It is a very well known and much talked about example.

The amp is essentially a combination of an Overdrive Special-Steel String Singer and a Dumbleland and in this respect is really quite unique. The reverb circuit has a send and return, the termolo has depth and modulation controls.

The pre-amp tubes are e 6 x 7025, 1 x 7247, 1 x 5751
The power-amp tubes can be 4 x 6550 or 4 x KT88

You’ve heard this before and you’ve more than likely read this before: this amp sounds truly awesome, any tone you want is here and at just about any power level.

The amp does have a power cut switch 75w/150w.

The amp is in excellent original condition, professionally owned and maintained for all of its life. It comes complete with professional grade road case which was also the property of Todd Sharp.