Clonemasters Alien Mother Filter #10/20

You just don’t see these things ever, we’ve been lookign for ages. This example is number 10 of approx 20 built, it is dead mint with zero issues.

The pedal was built by some fellow named Kanwal Dulay, who apparently builds synth modules that are highly coveted. Mr Dulay allegedly built some devices for Brain Eno’s early ambient albums. His resume’s on the web and that’s about it.

This pedal is definitely a bit of a boutique stompbox mystery. There isn’t much on the web about it. Apparently, uber producer/mixer/engineer Tchad Blake has 2 Alien Mother Filter pedals in his personal arsenal.

It sounds absolutely phenomenal! It’s got a really nasty auto-wah filter, plus a built in distortion, and a reverse function. It can get pretty crazy if you play around with it (very synth-like at it’s most extreme.) You can set the filter sweeps to go up or down, and set the speed & depth. It’s built like a tank! There is some writing on the circuit board (in marker.) The phrases “OV Switched”, “Experiment With Sound”, & something fairly unintelligible with an 04 in there.