1999 K&M Analog Designs “Two-Rock” Amplifier #1


A piece of history, ground breaking amplifier design from 1999.

Music and amplification experts Bill Krinard and Joe Mloganoski founded K&M Analog Designs in 1999, this example is amplifier #1, only 10 of these amps were built, only 9 were sold. Its fairly well know that John Mayer obtained the prototype and that Carlos Santana bought #5 and used it on the Supernatural tour. We have a good idea where the others are but they very rarely, if ever, come up for sale.

The amp dates from the very early days of the company and before the name was changed to Two-Rock, it is in perfect condition and 100% operational with zero issues, it is exactly as Bill and Joe finished it back in 99.

1X Mesa Boogie Celestion Black Widow Speaker, 50W Combo, the rear panel is stamped with serial number 1.

One not to be missed.