1987 Marshall Jubilee 100W Stack, Rich Robinson The Black Crowes

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Back in 2003 I personally collected this from Rich Robinsons home along with a good few guitars. We sold this amp to a TBC lifelong admirer and appreciator of RRs tone and technique , the stack has been in a private collection for the last 8 yrs, it is exactly as it was when collected from Rich.

Anyone attending a Crowes live gig anytime from the early days to the end would have seen and heard this stack, not to mention the recorded work, it has literally traveled the world with Rich and the band. The road cases bear this out, every component carries the TBC bar code tag which allowed the management to know exactly where the inventory was on a worldwide basis. Both cabinets, the amp head and the road cases all carry the barcode tag.

The number system and block diagrams on the cabinets denote the position Rich wanted the cabinets to be situated in the wall. The back cover of the amp was permanently removed to facilitate easy tube change and on road maintenance. A fantastic piece of rock n roll history.

To commemorate his 50 years in music and 25 years in the amplifier business, Jim Marshall introduced a limited edition collection of tube amps and cabinets in 1987. The amps, based on the 2203 and 2204 master volume designs, were known as the “25/50 Silver Jubilee” Series models. The products were distinctive, with their silver vinyl covering and chrome panels. They also featured a special commemorative plastic plate on each amp,