1981 Dumble Vintage Amp | ODS 100/40W Steve Farris


1981 Dumble Vintage Amp ODS 100/40W Steve Farris

The first ever Dumble with cream colored tolex built for Steve Farris of Mr. Mister.

This is the same Dumble amp was used for the recording of the bands celebrated album ‘Welcome to The Real World’. It’s wonderful recording quality can be heard on all of the #1 hits “Broken Wings, Kyrie & Is It Love”. The amp is also featured in a Dumble catalog (see images).

The amp was sonically tailored over time by Dumble, it is signed internally by Dumble on each occasion, the circuit is not covered in Dumble goop. The amp was also used in many sessions for the elite of the music industry, too many to list here but you can see a small selection on the page from the guitar magazine “guitar dreams”, the amp was featured in there.

Some of the other musicians who have recorded with this amp include Eric Clapton & Mark Knopfler. David Williams also used this amp to record with Michael Jackson & Madonna. As you can probably understand, the amp sounds simply wonderful. Included in the sale are the original Anvil flight case and the handmade wooden footswitch engraved by Dumble with Steve’s name.


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  1. Jeff Prine says:

    Wonderful sounding AMP! I recently received #3 BLUDOTONE HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER that I purchased to record my next CD with. Not being a OD type of player ,pretty much plug in and play ,my last CD was recorded with my 1960 BURST and a 1972 100watt Marshall with a 4×12 loaded with JBL D-120s. After reserching AMPS for my next CD I became aware of THE DUMBLES and then Brandon from BLUDOTONE! So it was great to read about this amp .Thanks Jeff Prine