2008 Tone Tubby TTC10-16 (PAIR)

tone tubby 003

Bought brand new for a project and never used, these 2008 Tone Tubby TTC10-16’s have never been out of the box and never soldered! One pair of 10″ 16 ohm ceramic speakers complete with original shipping boxes. Tone Tubby Speakers are the professional hempcone technology speaker for the musical instrument.

By utilizing hemp fibers, instead of paper, the cone delivers a consistently sweeter sound that many professional, as well as, amateur musicians rely upon in order to optimize their recording sessions and live performances from large ampitheater stage settings to intimate and small nightclub gatherings.

With its fibers being of a very reliable and durable structure, hempcone speakers deliver an organic and natural sound phenomenon into the world of new media and technological advancement. With its archival quality that has proven to last throughout the ages, Hempcone® speaker technology is more than your average speakercone

It’s an investment for the future of your sound.

Simple. Beautiful.