Ovation Yngwie Malmsteen USA Signature YM63-6P


Ovation is proud to present two new signature Viper models designed by the true master of neo-classical, metal shred: Yngwie J. Malmsteen. As long time Ovation endorsee, Yngwie has incorporated many Ovation models into his live performances and recordings over the past 25 years – including the stage-friendly Viper.

Yngwies new signature Vipers, models YM68 (steel string) and YM63 (nylon string), feature a solid chambered Mahogany body, 5 piece Mahogany and Maple necks, and preamp circuitry specially designed to deliver natural acoustic tone with absolutely no feedback – even at the most high-level stage volumes.

True to Yngwie’s personal playing preferences, the steel string Viper also has a hand scalloped fingerboard which creates less friction between the wood and the string when bending notes or adding vibrato. A light touch is all you need to play fast and articulate riffs with less effort than non-scalloped fretboards.

The new models are available in two color options: 6P – White or RC – Rosso Corsa Red (which happens to match one of Yngwie’s favorite Ferraris)

Yngwie Malmsteen’s Steel String Signature Viper YM68

Viper Bowl

The solid cedar top and thin black enamel skin of the Yngwie Malmsteen Viper models envelop a 3-inch-thick chambered mahogany body that resonates beautifully acoustically or plugged in. Mahogany is a classic premier tone wood, and we’ve carefully determined where to chamber the Viper’s body to simultaneously lighten it and enhance its sound to the fullest. The design we arrived at creates incredible tone, sustain and sonic range, with an island of solid mahogany amid the resoundingly airy chambering to support the bridge from the top to the back of the instrument. The sound is as distinctive and formidable as Malmsteen himself, so it’s no wonder that an artist of his caliber appreciates this remarkable guitar. We know you’ll appreciate it, too.


The Viper preamp features 3-band EQ with the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, and a handy battery status light.