Ovation Adamas II WT Honey Burst 2081WT-HB


The Adamas Suspended Top is and always has been at the forefront of acoustic technology. The AST allows the top to vibrate more freely than conventional top-to-body systems and this advanced system is now available in our wood top models as well.

All our Adamas guitars are hand-made in the USA using only select AAA Grade solid spruce. Each top is finished with an ultra thin layer of satin urethane which gives the WT a warm look unmatched by conventional design. The top is then individually hand fitted into each suspended top system with precise attention to detail.

Each body is painstakingly handmade with fiberglass cloth. This is the thinnest and lightest material ever used on an Ovation guitar. The new Ovation Contour body is the most ergonomically and friendly body design on the market today. The contour will melt in your lap when in the sitting position or hug you in all the right places when played standing.

The right feel makes the neck of a guitar. Our craftsmen have left no detail out in hand carving the vintage Ovation “soft-V” profile out of Honduras mahogany and maple, making a comfortable feel all along the neck. The OP Pro Studio system features a compression function that accentuates single notes and works great for finger style players.

Contour Bowl

Made from glass-microsphere impregnated Lyrachord® composite, Ovation’s Contour Bowl is designed to provide maximum acoustic response with the feel of a small-body instrument. Sculpted to fit the contour of the player’s anatomy, the lightweight Lyrachord® GS body is a joy to hold, whether sitting or standing. A Contour Bowl body has the acoustic projection, midrange punch, and huge bottom end of a traditional jumbo-style instrument, yet offers the playing comfort of Ovation’s Super-Shallow body. With its tough-as-nails construction, this body shape represents the latest evolution of Ovation’s pioneering Roundback® design.

OP-Pro Studio with XLR

The OP-Pro Studio with XLR combines state-of-the-art audio quality with exclusive features designed to meet the needs of professional guitarists. The easy-to-operate unit offers 3-band EQ, exciter and compressor/limiter circuitry, and a chromatic tuner. Ovation’s exclusive Expressor and Drive sliders put dynamic control and harmonic enhancement at your fingertips, allowing you to precisely dial in the sustain and punch you need. The XLR jack provides a balanced line connection to mixers, recording consoles, and high-end acoustic amps. It also provides phantom power to the OP-Pro—an essential feature for touring professionals.