Chantal Cordey Mad Max Guitar Strap #198


Completely unique design, handmade creation of the highest order.

Another version of a Road Warrior guitar strap

This time I used a lot of Kangaroo lacing to assemble the strap for texture as well as Waxed cord.

I also used some aged Kangaroo leather with still a tiny bit of hair on for some of it again it adds a different texture and contrast .. There are 2 bullet holes on the yellow leather and I have tried to make it look like an old road sign.

The adjustment is by way of 2 hooks that I made out of thick fencing wire and that is covered by a flap of the age Roo leather. Dimensions of the strap are length 48″ – 53″ – width 3 1/4″.

It has a knife pouch at the back with a bit of rug hanging out of it. The bit of rug is actually an old Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome crew T-shirt ;-).

The strap is lined with garment grade cowhide leather, the button holes are reinforced with Kangaroo leather at the back and stitched right around with a good quality waxed thread.

The all strap is aged as to look like it it survived the Apocalypse