2014 Teye Konstantinopolis FS Series #3

What can you say? This guitar is a work of art, the attention to detail is astonishing,
First and foremost, it is an electric guitar and the guitar is capable of just about any tone you can imagine. It’s so completely playable that it is a joy to hold. The range of switching and overall tonal range is simply staggering.
The design is all down to Teye, there is nothing else like this available anywhere. Tony Zemaitis was certainly an inspiration to Teye (they were friends and  Teye was a client of TZ). This guitar takes the old saying “Art With Strings” to a whole new level.
This guitar is the 3rd Konstantinopolis FS series to be completed, it is new with full factory warranty.
If you wanted to order one of these today the wait time is well in excess of a year, the price is $38.000.00 as we go to press.

Ode to the bridge of civilizations: Teye’s Konstantinopolis

Konstantinopolis, or “City of Konstantin” – capital of the Roman empire for ten centuries, after emperor Konstantine moved it there because Rome was beleaguered by the barbarians… A city full of history, of culture. It is nowadays Istanbul, thriving metropolis straddling the continents of Europe and Asia. The city literally sits on the fault line between East and West, and this is noticeable both in mentality and cultural tolerance.

Teye performed in Istanbul on several occasions and was immediately hooked on the multi-faceted culture and the people who provide it. When challenged to ‘out-do’ his latest creation the El Dorado, he built this guitar, using a gorgeous piece of Korina for the body and raw unfinished ebony for the top. He then matched the luxurious lazy sheen of the front on the feel and look of the finish on the rear of the guitar. Hand-made and hand-engraved rings of aluminum sit around the pieces of Blue Ridge turquoise, inlaid into the ebony. The turquoise-with-ring embodies the Turkish symbol to ward off evil.

The turquoise-with-silver is a traditional American Indian jewelry theme. The Moorish shapes used in the ebony as well as the metal parts and engraving pay homage to the East. And all this on an electric guitar, symbol of modern Western culture. The Konstantinopolis guitar was built as ode to cultural diversity yet unity, MUSIC being the true international language.

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