1982 Takamine F 349 Acoustic Guitar Hand Selected, Played & Recorded By George Harrison

This was George Harrison’s “Go To” acoustic guitar while in residence at his home on Maui. George visited Maui Music and played a wide selection of acoustic guitars before he hand picked this one.

George played this guitar extensively for 9 years. He composed “Looking For My Life” on this very guitar. We have a recording of George playing this guitar while working on the song, all he has at the time are the chords and a smattering of lyrics. He talks throughout the composition and there is no doubting that it is the one and only George Harrison.

During one visit, Jeff Lynn of ELO signed the guitar on the front, however, it has all but rubbed off over the years.

The guitar will withstand any scrutiny, we have a photograph of George playing the guitar below. We are including the audio recording of George playing the guitar and we also have a photograph of George and Jeff together at the home on Maui.