1981 Tom Ribbecke Twin Neck Six-Twelve


Hand built by Tom some 31 years ago & what a labor of love this must have been. These days Tom is unlikely to accept a commission under $25000.00, we can only imagine the build cost of a twin neck with this level of intricacy and employing materials of this quality.

The main body section comprises some incredibly varied high quality tone woods such as Koa-Mahogany-Ebony-Maple-Ebony-Koa-Ebony-Koa, so on and so on, it’s a never ending exotic tone wood sandwich. The cost to reproduce this today would be prohibitive in the extreme
Abalone body accent inlays, ebony fingerboards and craved headstocks with solid Koa overlay and solid timber truss rod covers.

The solid brass rear control cavity cover carries Toms engraved signature and date of 1981. The back of both necks is very highly flamed maple, Schaller tuners to both headstocks.

The guitar is in perfect original condition with very little playwear, fingerboard & frets are in perfect shape. Original custom made pro-grade road case is included, the guitar has lived in this case from day one.

Stunning guitar and superb playabilty on both necks.