1976 Jerry Garcia’s Travis Bean TB500 and Strap

Price: $595,000

1976 Jerry Garcia’s Travis Bean TB500 and Strap – Very well known guitar, Jerry has been photographed with this guitar and strap many times. They have both been used extensively in live performances and recording sessions. The guitar is serial number 11 making it the 2nd TB500 ever made (#10 being the first).

It is finished in the original white finish, original frets and all components. The pickup area of the body has been reworked by Jerry Himself and Dan Healy, Dan installed the pickup for the Slavedriver 360 (included with this sale). The 360 was the first guitar synth used by Jerry in the studio in the early 80s. Also in the case is an unopened pack of Jerry’s strings by Vinci Strings. There’s a letter from Steve Parish Jerry’s equipment manager for most of Jerry’s career (1969-1995); the letter verifies the pedigree of the guitar. The authenticity is beyond question. There’s also Steve’s backstage pass for the Jerry Garcia Band. The guitar is featured and can be heard and seen on the Dead album “Long Strange Trip”. The guitar is in the original hardshell case as owned and used by Jerry Garcia.

The guitar and strap can also be seen at: http://dozin.com/jers/guitar/history.htm

Jerry Garcia Travis Bean TB500 Video



One Response to “1976 Jerry Garcia’s Travis Bean TB500 and Strap”
  1. Adam Mandel says:

    Wow!!! I can only assume this came from Steve! I would gladly live in a card board box, sacrifice my left nut and eat worms for the rest of my life, to wake up next to this guitar everyday. I mean there she is. She was my favorite tone of all time. I can only describe her as an angels twang. I can also only help think that if not for the Travis Bean Guitars both Tb1000a and Tb500 we would have no fire on the mountain. Thank you for this. For a moment there I enjoyed the very unrealistic fantasy that she might be available to me and be someday worshiped by these hands. Alas, it will go to someone with far too much money and not enough respect for it. (although I hope not). I will treasure the seconds of mental masturbation that I did enjoy! There it is! THE TB500

    Be Kind