1950 Martin D18 Superb Players Grade Vintage Acoustic Guitar


In excellent overall condition, with various minor issues but all are decades old.

First off the guitar sounds superb, really crisp, tight & bright. This guitar was previously owned and played by Thornton Spencer of The White Top Mountain Band.

The double pickguard isn’t original, the guitar was owned and used professionally so this fit the look and style of the band not to mention offering protection, it could be removed but I would leave well alone. There is a repaired split on the back, a very small one on the side and two on the back of the headstock. All of the repairs are ages old and totally stable and exactly what you would expect on a 63 yr old guitar that has been played all of its life. The guitar is 100% structurally stable.

The fingerboard is in remarkable condition with very little wear. The case is obviously not original but has been with the guitar for a good number of years.

SN is 117835