Mothers Day Card Handwritten & Signed By George & Olivia (Liv) Harrison

The recipients name has been masked for privacy reasons but is clearly visible on the actual card. Handwritten by Olivia Harrison and signed by George Harrison.

George Harrison’s Sony Alarm Clock That Plays “Here Comes The Sun”

Thats right folks, how do we do it? Given to George by Sony execs, pre production sample model for approval purposes. The clock was used in Georges home on Maui. Everything works, lights, alarm, melody, everything. Includes a statement of provenance from the individual that George gifted this to.

1980s Face Masks & Photographs of George Harrison & Jeff Lynne of ELO at Georges Home on Maui + George Harrison Artwork

Original private photographs of George Harrison & Jeff Lynne of ELO together at Georges home on Maui both getting dressed up for the evening, it was an evening of merriment!! The back of the masks were hand decorated by George Harrison. Complete with a statement of provenance from an attendee of the party to whom […]

1982 Takamine F 349 Acoustic Guitar Hand Selected, Played & Recorded By George Harrison

This was George Harrison’s “Go To” acoustic guitar while in residence at his home on Maui. George visited Maui Music and played a wide selection of acoustic guitars before he hand picked this one. George played this guitar extensively for 9 years. He composed “Looking For My Life” on this very guitar. We have a […]

1980s Vintage John Ashpool Ladies S Jacket previously owned by George & Olivia Harrison

John Ashpool created some wonderful pieces over the years, this example is right up there at the very top. It is an exquisite and hugely expensive custom Ladies jacket, size S. It was purchased in London by George & Olivia Harrison for 3000 pounds, $6k at the exchange rate of the day, and around $13500 […]

1981 George Harrison’s Signed Copy Of “Autobiography of a Yogi”

This book was the property of George Harrison. It was printed in 1981 and it is the 12th edition of the book, the first edition having being released in 1946. George endorsed the book to an individual and gave it as a gift, it is signed on the inner pages as follows: “To ………… With […]

George Harrison Collection of 12 Guitar Picks From Maui

Superb framed collection of 12 guitar picks from George’s home on Maui. All of the picks were owned and used by George Harrison. Some are self explanatory, here are the ones that may not be to many folks reading this: Jack Lumber: Georges alias often used when traveling, adapted by George from the Monty Python […]


A Pretty Green Collarless Black Military Lennon Jacket size XXL. Great Jacket! Black Paisley lining, soft moleskin fabric, has all the original tags attached, never worn. These have been out of stock for 2 years. No matter what one thinks of Liam Gallagher (as singer/frontman/whatever), the guy certainly looks like a legit 60’s Rock Star […]

Kaleidoscope Eyes: A Day in the Life of Sgt. Pepper. The Photography of Henry Grossman #325/1967

THE YEAR WAS 1967. The Beatles were hard at work on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, writing, recording, and experimenting behind closed doors at EMI’s famed Abbey Road studios. Though the album took five months to record, few of these groundbreaking sessions were photographed. However, American photographer Henry Grossman spent an evening in the […]

George Harrison At Home On Maui Private Photograph

Unknown date, never seen before photograph of George at home on Maui. This photograph was taken by a friend & employee. We hold the copyright for the image.

George Harrison Live Recording of Phil & Don Everly’s”Let It Be Me” Recorded At Friar Park

Never heard before recording of the Everly Brothers hit “Let it Be Me” by George Harrison. Recorded on a simple Boom Box in Georges bedroom at Friar Park Henley on Thames, England. It is a fascinating recording and a simply stunning version of the Everly’s hit, the song was one of Georges all time favorite […]

1980s George Harrison Owned Kyser Capo

After working for so long on songs from Rubber Soul and Revolver with the constraints and limitations of an old elasticated capo, George must have been elated at the invention and design of one Mr Milton Kyser. The quick change capo was born and along with it came intonation accuracy, reliability and best of […]

The Beatles in India 1966 George Harrison’s Shirt

In February 1966 The Beatles traveled to Rishikesh India to begin an advanced study into Transcendental Mediation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, it is a period in Beatles history that has being studied, analyzed & written about ever since. Here we have the Shirt that George Harrison seemed to favor for much of his stay, George […]