1961 Gibson Les Paul Special Players Grade

If you want grunge then this has it in spades, a vintage Gibson Les Paul Special from 1961 with enough changes and modifications to push the price down to bar band gigging values. All of the wood is original. The headstock repair dates from 1971. Same owner of the guitar from mid 70s. It has […]

1990s Dumble 100w Overdrive Special #0204

If you could buy a new Dumble amp today it would look very much like this example. Never taken outside and never gigged, just owned and played in a studio setting by a fastidious collector. Serial number 0204. You can see the amp in the Dumble book. Very rare Bluesmaster pre-amp variant and the equally […]

Dumble Overdrive 150 Special #121 Ex Todd Sharp

This very rare Dumble amplifier is featured in the Dumble book by Jesse Schwarz on page 237 and 238. It is a very well known and much talked about example. The amp is essentially a combination of an Overdrive Special-Steel String Singer and a Dumbleland and in this respect is really quite unique. The reverb […]

1967 Gibson SG Special Owned & Played by Pete Townshend

Formerly the property of Pete Townshend and used by him for lots of Who gigs and recordings, it is fully documented and the provenance is irrefutable. SN # 884484, 1967 Gibson SG Special, Petes guitar of choice for a very long while. He made a few changes to this guitar all to enhance the playability […]

2000 Zemaitis Thames Valley Special Greetings Card

In 1985 George Harrison Commissioned Tony Zemaitis to build a series of acoustic guitars called the Thames Valley Special. He gave them as gifts to his friends, Alvin Lee, Carl Perkins, Dave Edmunds & Joe Brown, and George kept one for himself. This greeting card features the prototype that we bought from Tony Zemaitis, the […]