2009 Teye Electric Gypsy S Series La Canastera Prototype Guitar

The very first La Canastera to be produced. This was the Teye guitar company show guitar from Jan 2009 to June 2009. The guitar is in near mint condition & is documented on the COA as the prototype. The company was in such a hurry to get this guitar complete for an upcoming show that […]

Two-Rock John Mayer Signature Prototype Red Suede #1/1

This is the only red suede version of the John Mayer Signature amp and cabinet in the world. Hand built by Bill Krinard using NOS components, it was used as a test bed for the run of 25 amps that were being planned for general release. John Mayer signed this amp in red marker to […]

Two-Rock TS1 Prototype NOS Parts & Tubes

The development prototype for what became the Two-Rock TS1, hand built by Bill Krinard and utilizing some very hard to find NOS parts (1960 Fender Bassman transformer for starters). 50w, all NOS tubes, EQ 1 & EQ 2 switch, Bright/Mid switches, HI/LO power switch, black tolex with silver fascia, working perfectly, never privately owned prior […]

2002 Two-Rock Opel Combo Prototype

Hand built by Bill Krinard in 2002, this is the prototype for the Two-Rock Opel amplifier. It has a Brazilian rosewood control face and the JBL speaker that is installed came from “The New Riders Of The Purple Sage”. Working perfectly, nice hardwood cabinet and professional grade road case.

Two-Rock 150W Overdrive Reverb Dumble Clone Proto NOS

Hand built by Bill Krinard in 2006 utilizing all NOS parts, transformers, caps, tubes etc. Black tolex in near mint condition, Vox style grille cloth. 2007 Two-Rock 150W ODR Clone Hand Built NOS parts Bright,Deep Jazz/Rock switch Reverb Tremolo

Two-Rock David Lindly Dumble Clone Tan Suede Prototype

Superb early Two-Rock amp and cabinet finished in Tan Suede. The circuit is a clone of David Lindlys Dumble amp, hand built and wired by Bill Krinard. NOS parts such as transformers, caps etc NOS tubes, in near perfect shape. Superb tone and projection, a nice and portable powerhouse.

Two-Rock John Mayer Prototype Amp Head

Needs no introduction, the Two-Rock John Mayer amp and cabinet system immediately sold out (only 25 complete systems were made for worldwide distribution). They are now selling on the 2nd hand market for close to double the release price. This example is a prototype finished in tan Suede, there is no cabinet so amplifier head […]

1994 Gibson Custom Shop George St Pierre Tie Dye Pre-Production Prototype

This is the Custom Shop pre-production & unnumbered prototype for the run of 103 guitars, it pre-dates the actual run by two years, it was the only prototype finished by George & was used in the presentation to Gibson USA CEO Henry Juszkiewicz. The Gibson Custom Shop produced 103 of these in 1996, all were […]