2013 Teye Electric Gypsy La Mora E Series

Completed in mid 2013, the guitar has been in storage since then. It has never been played other than to tune & check over. It is in mint condition & complete with hardshell case. Finished in black with white & silver binding & all of the usual Teye electronic Wizardry. In stock for immediate delivery.

2012 Teye La Perla E Series

Superb E series La Perla from 2012. The guitar has not been played, simply stored in a smoke free climate controlled environment. The guitar features all of Teye’s usual refinements & electronic circuits. The guitar is capable of producing just about any tone you could desire from Humbucking to Single coil, all of this with […]

2014 Teye La Lama E Series Blackburst + Jimmy Wallace Select Top

Teye guitars are individual works of art and this example is certainly no exception. Teye guitars are completely original & individual designs they feature some of the most innovative electronics to ever be installed into an electric guitar. The thickness of the neck measures .830 at the first fret and .960 at the 12th. Teye […]