2009 Doug Rowell, The Iwo Jima Les Paul

Price Available By Request

One of a kind creation by Doug Rowell, completed on the 64th anniversary of the raising of the flag, February 23, 2009.

Doug used the oil painting version of the famous WWII flag raising as a model. He reversed the image for better composition and framed it with an archway. It was suggested that the Marine “Anchor & Globe” insignia with a brass plate was perfect to replace the original Gibson switch plate. It was also decided to add the 101st Airborne insignia between the pickups.

This was the first Les Paul that Doug had ever carved ever carved. He didn’t realize that the body was chambered… or semi hollow. When he started to cut into what he thought was a solid body, he found air in unexpected places. The solution was to form the marine and flag images in shallow relief, add mahogany filler around the perimeter of the arch and use the back of the guitar as a background, airbrushed as a cloud filled blue sky. Turned out (after 7 attempts) to be a very cool and unique look.

The Gibson Les Paul used for this carving was purchased online in the US & shipped direct to Doug, likewise with our Doug Rowell Lunarcaster Guitar, a Fender USA Tele was purchased & shipped to Doug