2006 Gibson J250 Monarch Vintage Sunburst

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2006 Gibson J250 Monarch Vintage Sunburst – NOS guitar from 4 years ago, stored in a smoke free climate controlled environment, stunning acoustic by Ren Ferguson.

Rare, precious, and beautiful! Fewer than one made per month!

The Gibson J-250 Acoustic is one of the most dazzling guitars ever built by Gibson—or anybody else.

The artisans at Gibson took the iconic crown inlays of the J-200 fret board and headstock and made them even more regal and realistic looking to represent the class and rich heritage of the Monarch guitar. Both have extremely intricate inlay patterns that are executed with incredible precision containing multiple inlays within inlays of mother-of-pearl and Paua abalone.

The delicate volute at the hand stop at the rear of the headstock is hand executed on equally matched bound ebony. The J-250 Monarch is veneered with the guitar’s serial number displayed in the banners of the mother-of-pearl inlay.

The extra fret board ebony binding harkens back to the classiest guitars of the jazz era of the ’30s. The complete coverage of body joints with extra wide paua shell, a 3-piece back, and a new floral tortoise pick guard engraving are all done to surpass all fine guitars including the flagship Gibson model J-200.

Finely detailed appointments on the classy Monarch guitar: multi-ply body binding with abalone inlay, ebony moustache bridge with abalone inlays, genuine diamond gem “I” Gibson logo setting, and gold tuners all come together under a lacquer finish to unfold in a regal visual presentation. Sublimely sophisticated tone emanates from the guitar’s solid select Sitka spruce top and Madagascar rosewood back and sides. The Eastern Curly Maple neck provides additional warm resonance.

As a 1-time edition of 6, the Gibson Monarch guitar also includes a 20th anniversary Monarch label, 20th anniversary certificate of authenticity to ensure its rarity and notoriety.

Gibson could sell many more a year, but the selection criteria for materials and the extra time to build keep the J-250 Monarch acoustics’ numbers low, making each guitar very special.