1994 Gibson ES 355 Centennial #1918

Price Available By Request

We have just uncovered this guitar in storage from day one in a smoke free & climate controlled environment. It was the guitar of the month in June 1994, the serial number is 1918, this number is inlaid in diamonds on the tailpiece & has the corresponding number handwritten on the original inner label.

For certain, it is a very rare Gibson ES-355 Centennial, 100 Year Anniversary guitar. One of only 100 made in 1994 to commemorate
Gibson’s 100th year. NEW OLD STOCK CONDITION, the guitar was never retailed or played , a very small amount of natural age to the gold hardware which could easily be polished out.

Special Centennial Limited Edition appointments include:

  • 11pt. Diamond on the Gibson headstock logo
  • 5pt. Diamonds on 22K plated top hat knobs
  • Jeweled sterling silver serial number embedded on the tailpiece
  • Gold plated top hat knobs with embedded Gibson 100 Year Anniversary logo
  • Mother of pearl inlays including 12th fret 100th Anniversary banner
  • Each guitar will be numbered in series from 1894-1994, signifying Gibson’s 100 years
  • 22K gold plated anniversary Orville Gibson coin embedded on the back of the headstock
  • Silk-screened anniversary headstock cover
  • Hand tooled leather case-complete with outer case cover
  • Mint condition & all original