1982 Gibson Korina Flying V Adam Ant- Joe Bonamassa

A stunning and very lightweight Gibson Korina Flying V with a superb story to tell.

Originally in the ownership of Adam Ant, and then subsequently owned and played by Joe Bonamassa, clearly two diverse artists but both at the top of their respective game.

The guitar is in excellent original condition and is fully documented via letters from Adam Ant and letters and photographs that were delivered personally by Joe Bonamassa to the owner prior to us. Also included, is the Joe Bonamassa Bobble Head Doll wielding the flying V, which was hand delivered by JB himself.

The guitar can speak for itself, you only need listen to Joe play it. While we don’t have the technique that he does the guitar automatically sounds superb. It is very resonant acoustically and this simply transfers right to the amp. The guitar is set up exactly as Joe left it, same strings, same action, same fret wear, everything just as he last played it.

We are thrilled to have this guitar available.