1981 Gibson Double Neck EDS 1275

Price Available By Request

All original guitar from 1981, original sunburst finish, the guitar is now 30yrs old and everything works exactly as it should. All of the electrics are fine, both the six and twelve necks have a very low action, the guitar was photographed exactly as we bought it, currently being restrung with D’;addario EXL 110 on the six string neck and D’addario EXL 150 s on the 12 string.

There is some finish damage on the back of the 12 string neck, other than this, the finish is remarkably clean. Original components throughout, nice condition original case, no wear through the finish to the rear of the body and no
discernible wear to the fingerboard or frets.

The Gibson EDS 1275 was first introduced in 1958, the guitar was a double neck, double cutaway 6 and 12 string hollow body until 1962. From 1962 to present they were SG style solid bodies . The Gibson EDS 1275 started production in 1958 and ended production in 1968. In 1977 Gibson reintroduced the EDS-1275 and gained substantial popularity with artists such as Jimmy Page endorsing them,the line was again discontinued in 1990 .

Due to the high demand in 1991 Gibson reintroduced the EDS-1275 double 12 Gibson historic collection Reissue and were once again discontinued in 1994 .