1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Price Available By Request

Total time warp, Incredibly clean & all original Les Paul Custom that is now 40yrs old. This is the year of Gibsons 20th anniversary for the Les Paul Custom, some Customs from 1974 were released with “20th anniversary” engraved into the inlay at the 15th fret (then again, a good many guitars from 1975 were also released with the same markings?). This example is definitely 1974 but has no such markings, from experience it is safe to say that more Les Paul Customs from 1974 were finished and shipped without the “Anniversary” mark than were manufactured and shipped with.

This 1974 Gibson guitar really is a museum piece, there is no discernible play wear to any surface of the guitar, there is some fading of the gold color on the neck & bridge pickup but not in any uniform pattern that would relate to playwear, it more just an aging of the plating the body front & back is mark free, all of the binding is in exceptionally clean condition, zero wear to the fingerboard or frets or the back of the neck, the sunburst finish is very strong, the guitar can only be described as a collectors grade guitar having survived largely unplayed for 40 yrs, still with original strings, the G has snapped on shipping but the guitar will be restrung anyway take a look at the original case, how clean can it get?, a spectacular outfit