1971 Gibson Les Paul Recording


In exceptional original condition, everything works, nice low action and very playable, the condition of the body and finish is quite astonishing for a 40 yr old guitar, the back of the neck shows virtually zero playwear, very clean original hard-shell case.

In 1969 gibson introduced two guitars with low impedance pickups these two guitars were called the Gibson Les Paul Professional and the Gibson Les Paul Personal. Although the idea sounded great these guitars were short lived and both variant left the market after two years in production, with this experience behind them and with valuable technical and marketing lessons learned Gibson introduced the Gibson Les Paul Recording in 1971 with higher expectations .

The Gibson Les Paul Recording had integral transformers to make the output impedance compatible with normal high impedance amps, they had a single cutaway bound mahogany body , two slanted low impedance pickups with Gibson logo on the covers, rosewood fingerboard, two high / low impedance selector switches , bound peghead with diamond logo inlays and were made in various colors ( most early models 71-75 were made in walnut finishes) the Gibson Les Paul Recording guitars were fairly succesful and led to the making of the Gibson Les Paul Signature and the Gibson Triumph Bass in 1973.

However, these guitars never became industry standards or household names like the Les Paul Deluxe , Standard and the Custom , they are recognized as being fairly technical guitars meaning you can get some great sounds but there can be lots of tweaking involved between the amp and guitar, Les Paul himself was a consistent user of a Les Paul Recording the Gibson Les Paul Recording guitars are considered vintage guitars and a somewhat historical Gibson development and they have found favor among many younger players looking for older yet affordable and interesting guitars, they were discontinued in 1980.