1969 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Humbucker Conversion + Stinger

A superb Gibson Les Paul Goldtop from early 1969. Certainly a players grade guitar due to the modifications. The guitar has been tastefully and professionally tweaked to offer a true vintage LP that performs superbly and sounds incredible.

  • Originally supplied by GC Hollywood around 2 years ago
  • Early 1969 build.
  • One-piece mahogany body with a one-piece maple top (grain running parallel to neck axis).
  • Three-piece neck with a smaller 3-1/4″ headstock. Beefy neck profile.
  • Transition neck tenon.
  • Original bridge, stop, knobs, toggle, poker chip, truss rod cover, nut, back cavity plastic. Pickguard added when conversion done (40+ years ago—possibly the original was recut)
  • Pots date from 1973 so that is probably when the conversion was done to full-size humbuckers.
  • Era correct T-top humbuckers.
  • Top bout step button had been relocated at some point in the past and hole filled and button is in correct location.
  • Guitar is light weight for the era.
  • No breaks.
  • Refret with 6105 at some point.
  • Neck is straight and plays well.
  • RS replacement tuners (originals included).
  • Had Grovers on it at some point.
  • Back of headstock thinned down and stinger added a long time ago for unknown reason.
  • Was purchased from the Vintage Room at the Hollywood GC a couple of years ago.