1966 Gibson Melody Maker Double Cutaway Double Pickups

Nice budget price vintage Gibson solid body, 48 years old and ready to rock! There’s still another 50 years of hard work left in this little gem.

Structurally 100% with no mods or repairs.

A few changes, the vibrato has been removed and a stop tail has been added, what this means is that the guitar would never be a collectible guitar, however, it is rock solid steady and she stay in tune thanks in part to the Schaller tuners.

The bridge/tailpiece has adjustable intonation, everything that made the original guitar unstable and difficult to intonate and keep in tune have been upgraded.

All in all a very stable vintage Gibson that is a featherweight, two great sounding pickups and a great looker.

Perfectly set up. Comes in a Gibson gig bag.