Fender Artist Series Joe Stummer Telecaster

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The Fender Joe Strummer Signature Telecaster is modeled after some of the beat up and battle-hardened Telecaster guitars (especially his famous ’66 model) he wielded as leader of the only band that matters seminal Brit punk commando unit the Clash.

Designed in cooperation with the Strummer estate, the guitar has a highly distressed road-worn treatment that closely replicates the worn-to-the-wood layers of gray auto primer and flat black spray paint he made famous. It also features a Revolution Rock engraved neckplate and a limited edition art customization kit that includes Strummer-inspired stencils, stickers and graphics by designer Shepard Fairey.

Strummer was, of course, the Clash’s articulate and fiery co-founder, lyricist, rhythm guitarist and lead singer; he later founded, recorded and toured with the Mescaleros. All his life, he vigorously championed individuality, self-expression and change?tenets often reflected in the constantly altered look of his favorite instrument?his Telecaster (currently on display in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland), an otherwise standard ?60s-era model with all the original parts and specifications.

When Strummer bought the guitar in 1975, it had a 3-color Sunburst finish. He was having none of that, of course, but his improvised DIY gray and black finishes deteriorated quickly, giving the guitar its distinctive look. Like Strummer?s music, the battered guitar changed constantly?plastered as it was with stencils, stickers and new paint jobs through the many stages of Strummer?s life and career.

To celebrate Strummer?s fierce sense of individuality, Fender and acclaimed artist Shepard Fairey collaborated on the new guitar?s limited edition Joe Strummer Telecaster customization kit, which includes stencils and stickers inspired by the custom designs Strummer decorated many of his instruments with. The kit comes in a classic 12 inch album cover featuring graphics by Fairey and photography by Bob Gruen and will accompany ONLY the first 1,500 guitars !