Fender 1969 NOS Strat “Nurple Purple” by Pamelina H.

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The Fender Custom Shop released a run of 41 specially commissioned 1969 NOS strats, this example is #21, it is in perfect condition, has never been played other than to tune & check, it has been stored in a smoke free climate controlled environment since day one. Built by CW Fleming with original graphics by Pamelina H.

The Fender Custom Shop ’69 Stratocaster NOS solidbody electric guitar captures everything Fender was doing right in 1969… and then some. In many ways, this is the perfect guitar for anyone who ever wanted a ’69 Strat that plays better than a real ’69 Strat. That’s because this ’69 Stratocaster NOS gives you the spot-on look and sound of an original 1969 model, right down to a full set of faithfully recreated NOS gold hardware and lacquer finish. But on top of its classic U-shaped neck, there’s a super-comfortable compound-radius fretboard, which makes the Fender Custom Shop ’69 Stratocaster NOS an extremely fun guitar to play

Like every Fender Custom Shop NOS guitar, the ’69 Stratocaster NOS was built to give you the spirit and essence of a legendary Fender model – in this case, a vintage 1969 Stratocaster. From its 2-piece alder body to the authentic U-shaped carve of its maple neck, to the particular cut of its pickguard, the ’69 Stratocaster NOS gives you the exact look and feel of an original 1969 Strat. It even comes loaded with a trio of Custom Shop ’69 Strat NOS pickups, which perfectly recreate the sound of a period ’69 Strat.

Having been built in the Fender Custom Shop, the ’69 Stratocaster NOS was able to pick up one cool perks you simply won’t find on an original 1969 Strat: a compound radius fretboard. This 7.25″ to 9.5″ fretboard is rounder near the nut, which makes it easy to grab chords. As you go up the ’69 Stratocaster NOS guitar’s neck, the fretboard flattens out, making it easier to play single notes and giving you more room to bend at the higher frets. Once you get your hands on your ’69 Stratocaster NOS, you’ll wonder how you ever played anything else!

  • A spot-on recreation of a 1969 Stratocaster that gives you the look and sound of an original
  • Created by Fender Custom Shop Master Builder C W Fleming
  • Hand-selected tonewoods include a 2-piece alder body and a AA flame maple neck with a matching maple fretboard
  • Custom Shop ’69 Strat NOS pickups perfectly capture the sound and response of an original 1969 Stratocaster
  • 7.25″ to 9.5″ compound-radius fretboard makes playing chords and pulling off solos equally comfortable
  • NOS nickle hardware and nitrocellulose lacquer look and feel astounding
  • Graphics by Pamelina H.
  • #21 of 41 for worldwide distribution
  • original COA