2009 Doug Rowell Lunarcaster

Price Available By Request

Commissioned to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. From the outset, the famous Buzz Aldrin on the moon photo with the reflection in his face shield was a certain requirement. For the pickguard, it was decided that the landing craft along with the date and the “One small step…” quote would be ideal.

The face shield reflection was done with decopage. Doug printed and glued a photo to the wood and lacquered over it. The Earth is seen beyond the horizon. The whole scene was airbrushed with tinted lacquers. A golden oak stain on the ash body and 5 coats of clear lacquer completes the finish.

A brand new 2009 Fender USA Telecaster was purchased online in the US & shipped direct to Doug. Likewise, a Gibson Les Paul was purchased and shipped to Doug for the Iwo Jima Les Paul Guitar