2008 Fender Custom Shop Dead Mans Hand Telecaster

Price Available By Request

Completely unique hand-built guitar from the Fender Custom Shop, constructed solely by senior master-builder Yuriy Shiskov (http://www.fender.com/customshop/aboutus/profiles.php?csp=yuriy_shishkov)

Serial Number CZ507569, the guitar was a feature at the 2008 NAMM show, as well as being featured in the Custom Shop 2010 calender. The Dead Mans Hand Tele is based on a Fender Time machine 1963 NOS (New Old Stock) Tele.

The body is Ash, the fingerboard is Madagascar Rosewood slab board, the artwork for the body was created by Jan Lowe & features playing cards representing the Wild Bill Hickock dead mans hand. Roses and a badge on the back with ‘Wild Bill Hickock”. Vintage style bridge with one intonation adjustment for the B-E /G-D & A-E strings (correct spec for 1963), the neck plate bears the Fender Custom Shop logo & serial number.

The guitar at one point made its way to Romania http://www.proguitar.ro/noutate.php?nid=51, we’re pleased to have had the opportunity to re-imported the guitar back to the USA!