2006 Fender Custom Shop “Rack Em Up” Telecaster


Totally unique build by John Cruz, one only production and it featured in the 2008 Fender Custom Shop catalog (If you have an original 2008 custom shop catalog, please contact us) This guitar was also a feature of the Custom Shop booth at Summer NAMM of 2005 and has been in the inventory of one dealer since new. It sold to a collector who placed the entire package into storage in a smoke free and climate controlled area, the guitar is complete as seen in the images with pool cue’s, Custom Shop etched ball set, etc.

There is a link to Johnny Lang, his first album was called “Jakes Pool Hall” and a line from the chorus of that song is “Rack em Up”, there is a set of the lyrics with the guitar check out the youtube video below of the Fender Custom Shop booth at the 2005 NAMM show to see the CS manager Mike Eldred discus this guitar. Jump right to the 2:15 mark to skip everything else.

Take a stroll through the creations of Fender’s legendary Custom Shop, where the world’s top luthiers, graphic designers, and A-list guitarists meet. The result is an impressive crop of collectible guitars — extremely rare specimens you won’t find on the wall at your local guitar store. Limited editions, hand-carved finishes, custom graphics, and rare beasts abound at the Fender Custom Shop

Mike Eldreds Comments about this Guitar

This is a good example of some of the stuff that we do at the Custom Shop. It’s called — we call it the Rack ’Em Up Tele, and what this guitar — The motif of this guitar is a pool-playing rat that’s on the front of it, but it has billiard balls inlays on the fingerboard, it says Rack ‘Em Up and mother of pearl on the fingerboard. It has an eight ball for a knob, and one of the things that’s really cool about the eight ball is when you press the eight it’s an S1 switch that splits the back pickup. This also comes with custom-made pool cue from the Fender Custom Shop and whole set of pool balls with the Custom Shop logo laser-engraved on it.

Custom Shop Video, NAMM 2005