1993 Fender 90th Anniversary Harley Davidson Strat

Price Available By Request

1993 Fender 90th Anniversary Harley Davidson Strat – Often judged to be the most collectable limited edition guitar ever released, built to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Harley Davidson Company. This example is #90/109. The guitar was purchased new in 1993 and promptly placed into a smoke free climate controlled storage where it has been laying down this past 17 years. It is in 100% perfect condition, not even a finger print. The limited edition strap, cord etc are all still in original shrink wrap, the case is unmarked, the special edition gig bag has never been out of the flight case, the certificate is in perfect shape with no visible wrinkles or creases. Very possibly the very best example available today. These guitars very rarely come up for sale, to find one in this condition is a dream come true for the collector. In Stock Now!