1980 Fender Lead II With Original Case


This is a one owner guitar & is in excellent original condition, two of the string ferrules are missing from the back but that is the only issue, all electronics are working fine, just restrung with Ernie Ball Stainless Steel 10-46 strings, the guitar is complete with the original rigid plastic case, the handle & all hinges & catches are in good shape, the case alone is worth $100

The Lead II is an all American made electric guitar from the main Fender plant in Corona California,it represents excellent value

The Fender Lead series electric guitars were manufactured from 1979-1982. The Fender Lead series was produced in Fullerton, CA factory under the direction of Greg Wilson and John Page.

They closely resemble Fender Stratocasters in appearance, but have a unique set of features. Steve Morse endorsed the Fender Lead for Fender back in the day.

In 1979, Fender introduced the Lead I. The Lead I had a only one pickup, a humbucker in the bridge position. The Fender Lead series models all had a shorter 24 3/4″ scale neck, rather than the 25 1/2″ neck of a Fender Stratocaster. All Lead models were available with either maple or rosewood fretboards.

The Lead II was also introduced in 1979. It featured Two specially designed X-1 single coil pickups. The X-1 pickups were promoted as “wide range single coils” and are slightly hotter than a standard Strat of that era. Both the Lead I and Lead II were normally finished in either black or brown. this example is finished in wine red, the finish is original.