1976 Fender Strat Left Hand

Price Available By Request

An original custom color Fender strat from 1976 in exceptional condition and factory left hand, the guitar has been in storage for the last 8 yrs, it is in perfect ready to play condition with all electronics working perfectly, low action, great sounding pickups etc.

The 1976 Fender start guitar is strung right handed and has been this way since being put into storage. Obviously, given the color and right hand stringing someone had a major Hendrix vibe going on!

The pickup selector switch has been changed to a more modern 5-way switch, the original 3-way switch is in the case pocket and is fully operational. There is an original set of Fender strings in the pocket together with original bridge cover, trem arm and owners manuals with corresponding serial number.

The neck and frets show no discernible wear, the body is in exceptional condition given that the guitar is 35yrs old, and the original hardshell case is in super condition also.