1967 Fender Wildwood IV Acoustic With 1960s Guild Hardshell Case Player Grade

These little gems hardly ever come around, it’s great to see one again. Same owner for the last 40 years.

This guitar was built in Santa Ana CA USA in 1967, the summer of Love and the release of Sgt Pepper all occurring in the same year. Hardly surprising that Fender came up with the wacky injected dye’s for the Wildwood finish.

This is a players grade instrument rather than a collectors, the guitar is all original with the exception of the bridge saddle modification. Originally the guitar would have had a simple fixed saddle, this has been replaced with 6 individual bridge saddles with adjustable intonation. While this mod renders the guitar non-original, it is an improvement to the tuning ability of the guitar. The guitar would have naturally sounded bright, this example sounds brighter still due to the brass saddles.

Low action and very easy playabilty, plenty of volume too. The guitars comes with a vintage 1960s Guild hardshell case.