1967 Fender Telecater Black With Maple Fingerboard, Refin, Player Grade


Excellent opportunity to acquire a very original 1967 Tele at a player grade price, there are a few issues that relegate this guitar to a player grade instrument, buy hey, that means you can play out a vintage Fender Tele for a lot less than the $9500 it would otherwise be priced at.

1 – Body has been refinished, it is now black, it looks superb with the white pickguard that naturally aged over the last 45 years or so.
2 – Non original hardshell case.
3 – The original bridge has been replaced with a more modern version, this was done in 1991, the old bridge would have had the 3 adjustable 2 string saddles, now each string is adjustable for height & intonation, it is an improvement but its not original.

The guitar has just been restrung with D’addario 10-46 strings, everything internally is correct, pickups, tuners, pots & all other hardware are all original, it plays perfectly & sounds superb