1963 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst With ’59 Pickups & Jumbo Frets

Buddy Guy – Lonnie Mack – Randy Bachman

If you’re after the SRV tone it is right here, plug in and play. The guitar sings and screams effortlessly.

Superbly aged original finish with a playwear pattern that many players hunt high and low for. The guitar is perfectly set and is just so easy to play. It comes with a 1950s vintage tweed case. The back of the headstock has been signed by Buddy Guy and the back of the body has been signed by Lonnie Mack. The guitar was formerly owned by Randy Bachman of BTO fame.

This vintage Fender strat has been modified very subtly in an attempt to replicate the tone of Stevie Ray Vaughan, of course, an awful lot of that is in the fingers and your technique. However if you have it available to put in then the guitar will respond in an unmistakable way. Couple that with excellent resale and the fact this guitar is priced at half of what a Fender SRV#1 replica sells for and you have an unbeatable proposition.

-1963 Body and Neck
-Matched set of North magnet 1959 Pickups
-Beautiful mint green pickguard
-Pot codes 20th week 1960
-1950s Tweed hardshell case
-Signed by Buddy Guy
-Previously owned by Randy Bachman