1958 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail


Just arrived today, a one owner guitar, bought new in 1958 in Pasadena. The guitar has been incredibly well cared over the years.

Being a hardtail the guitar is a good deal lighter than your average tremolo equipped strat. The original finish is in excellent shape and internally the guitar is as clean as you would hope to find. Body date is July 58 and the neck date is September 58 so very closely matched.

All components are original, no changes at all. All original solder joints. The pickups and pots etc are in the cleanest internal condition I have seen in a long while, its possible that I’m the first person to look inside here in the last 50 years. The guitar has not been played for many years and it is still equipped with the original Fender flatwound strings. We have left these untouched for curiosity sake however we will restring and set up with the gauge to the buyers preference. The guitar plays perfectly, zero issues. It sounds incredible even with old flatwounds, she’s going to sing with a new set of roundwound strings. Includes super original tweed case.