1956 Fender Red Sparkle Telecaster Pete Anderson

Price Available By Request

Pete Anderson was born in Detroit, and grew up to become the creative partner of one of the most significant country artists of the 1980s, Dwight Yoakam. Pete is a widely respected musician & producer just in from a private collection having been purchased directly from Pete Anderson.

The guitar was used extensively by Pete for live & studio work, it has featured on many recordings and live TV work, it is also the guitar that is featured on the album “The Very best of Dwight Yoakam”.

The guitar  has been modified off & on during Pete’s career although it was already red sparkle when he acquired it, the original 1956 pots, knobs & cap had been replaced with more modern versions, original 1956 components are now back in, Petes tech Gil Chavaz also fitted compensated saddles (as with all Petes guitars), the original 56 saddles are in the case pocket, the guitar is one of the best sounding 50s tele’s ever  with the original saddles back on. Complete with original Fender, early 60s tolex case and provenance from Pete Anderson.

Guitar set up with the artists preferred gauges of strings by Pete Anderson himself!

9, 11, 15, 30, 42, 52