1955 Fender Stratocaster Owned By Ron Wood ‘The Rolling Stones’

Price: $100,000

Superb vintage Fender strat with incredible Rock n Roll heritage. This guitar was owned by Ron Wood and was a part of his arsenal of guitars during live shows and other engagements with the Rollling Stones, the provenance is beyond question.

All original components, no changes internally at all, Neck date is May 1955, body date is July 1955 so a very close factory relationship between neck and body. Pot codes all match to 20th week 1955.

As you would imagine, the guitar has been maintained to the highest order, it is set up perfectly, just restrung with Ronnies preferred gauge of 009-042.

Rons vintage Fender leather strap is with the guitar as is a set of his 009-42 gauge Black Diamond strings. There is also an original 1st generation set list from The Bigger Bang tour with key signatures, tempo, pyro instructions etc etc.

The condition of the body and neck is incredible given that the guitar is 57 years old now, the frets are in excellent shape as is the fingerboard.

All in all a stunning vintage Fender strat with an unquestionable link direct back to Ronnie Wood, the guitar was in Rons possession for a very long time.