2001 Dave Of England “Zemaitis” Hendrix 12 String


2001 Dave Of England “zemaitis” Jimi Hendrix 12 String – Stunning recreation of the Zemaitis 12 string guitar that Jimi Hendrix used to record “Hear My Train A Coming” in 1968. It’s a fairly well know fact that the Jimi Hendrix Zemaitis 12 string gave up the ghost (see images) a long time ago. It has been lovingly rebuilt and restored by Dave of England. There is a detailed letter from Dave that accompanies this guitar, it is reproduced in the images and should be perfectly legible, here’s a brief run down.

In 2000/2001 Dave Brewis a.k.a ‘Dave of England’ received from Tony Zemaitis all of the surviving Jigs and patterns that Tony had used for making guitars over the years. The first jig was the original that Tony used to build the original 12 string that found its way to Jimi Hendrix. The stain that was used to color the body and neck was supplied by Tony Zemaitis, Tony’s unique neck lamination method was adhered to. When the guitar was completed it was delivered to Tony Zemaitis, we have a photo of Tony playing the finished guitar.

This is the very first ‘Dave of England’ guitar ever built, you can see other details on Dave’s web site www.daveofengland.co.uk

Entirely hand made from day one to completion using all solid materials, Mahogany, Spruce and Ebony, additional veneers were supplied by Tony Zemaitis, Dave handmade and engraved the small figure of Jimi Hendrix that is set into the rear of the headstock. He also handmade the Zemaitis logo which is set into the front of the headstock (the one on the original guitar was made by Tony Zemaitis from a button).

The guitar is designed to be tuned two full tones down from concert pitch so the low E will be a C, this was the tuning that was used by Jimi Hendrix.

Finally, the guitar was originally supplied in a gig bag, it was delivered safely to us in the same gig bag. It is now living in Ronnie Lanes Zemaitis hard-shell case that was hand built by Tony Zemaitis, the case was made by Tony in 1972 for Ronnie’s ‘Big Blonde’ Zemaitis acoustic 6 string. It is the only case I have ever seen that carries a Zemaitis Fleur-de-lis dural logo (not engraved!), the guitar fits the case perfectly.

A few credits, please do not copy these images they are protected by copyright:

The image of the guitar taken on completion of the guitar is used by kind permission of Dave of England www.daveofengland.co.uk

The images of the Jimi Hendrix 12 string acoustic and associated articles have been used with the kind permission of Keith Smart, president of the Zemaitis owners club www.zemaitisclub.com