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Oz. Magazine #3: An original copy of UK Underground magazine Oz #3 (May 1967). The art in this issue (cover + poster) was handed by Oz co-founder Martin Sharp. Mr. Sharp was responsible for kaleidoscopic artwork for the Cream LP’s Disraeli Gears & Wheel’s of Fire (not to mention co-writing Tales of Brave Ulysses with Clapton.) The magazine is in VG condition & remarkably, the two sided poster is still attached just as it was on the day it was printed. One-side has a very trippy purple, pink, & silver grey montage of disembodied eyeballs & lips tangled like the roots of a tree. At the top it reads “What Beautiful Eyes She Has.” At the bottom it reads “May?” Very eye catching! The other side is silly commentary on body image that hasn’t dated well as a visual piece. It may well be Mr. Sharp was creatively spent from the previous poster side & the cover. Yessiree, that cover….the cover is something else entirely. Perhaps if DaVinci’s wine had been heavily dosed with L.S.D & he’d been asked to draw The Velvet Underground & Nico cover instead of Warhol, it may well have looked like this. The articles are a wonderful read & some of the ads are hysterical. Who knew “male enhancement” pills were around back in the 60’s?

Martin Sharp fold out double-sided cover/poster – What Beautiful Eyes She Has, with Revlon Invents Wet Lipstick on the reverse. Beautiful Breasts competition. Mike McInnerney graphic, and ‘Tripping and Skipping They Ran Merrily After the Wonder Full Music…’ – Warren Hinkles on Ken Kesey, the Merry Pranksters and the Acid Tests. ‘Last Exit to Brewer Street’ – article on publisher John Calder. ‘Why Politics is Giving Everyone the…’ – girl-on.-toilet-on-Parliament 2 page photomontage, and ‘An Address to politicians’. Protest Postcards to politicians. Pop and Drugs sections. ‘In Praise of Ugliness’ by Colin MacInnes. Magnificent Failures. Frisco Speaks – Sharp cartoon.