The Beatles in India 1966 George Harrison’s Shirt

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In February 1966 The Beatles traveled to Rishikesh India to begin an advanced study into Transcendental Mediation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, it is a period in Beatles history that has being studied, analyzed & written about ever since.

Here we have the Shirt that George Harrison seemed to favor for much of his stay, George can be seen wearing this shirt in many images available on the web. George began taking self portraits and altering his appearance around this time, this is the very shirt you see in the two self portraits seen here including the one at the Taj Mahal. It may well be the shirt that features in the famous shot by Paul Salzman that is shown on the wikipedia page.

George kept the shirt until the late 1980s at which point he gifted the shirt to an individual. We acquired it from them, unbroken ownership chain, unquestionable provenance.

Some wear to the very bottom hem.

A superb piece of Beatles memorabilia that dates back to one of their most creative periods, around 30 or so songs were crafted in Rishikesh that all found their way onto the Beatles White Album & various others that made it onto the various Beatle solo projects.

The shirt is completely uncirculated.